No matter when you plan to visit Spain, it offers you the same holiday experience as the climate here does not change much throughout a year. A beautiful country with a stunning landscape dotted with buildings of marvelous architecture invites you to have a perfect vacation here. Watch the bloody bullfights, get amazed at the wonderful performances of Flamenco dancer, go snorkeling, kayaking and do scuba diving and more in Spain.


The capital city, Madrid is also a big puller of tourists with numerous art galleries, popular bullfight events, great bar culture and alfresco dining. It is a city with sports culture where you could watch your favorite football stars in action right before your eyes.

It is where the great Pablo Picasso was born, so the city is a much popularly visited place in Spain. It is a perfect place to try your hands in fishing and indulge in a lot of other recreational activities. The Moorish monument is by far the most important tourist attraction here.

It is Spain’s second largest city and is known worldwide for its art and culture heritage. Find here an array of Art museums and enjoy the traditional Spanish food here. It is a must have city on the itinerary of any Spain Tours from India whether for honeymoon or for vacation.

Ibiza Island: This beautiful island has a charm that will compel you to stay here for more. Just look around to see stunning landscapes everywhere. Beautiful mountains and pine forests make it a picture-perfect tourist destination.

Bunol the La Tomatina: A festival to throw tomatoes at each other. You have seen this in movies, now it is the time to see it live in Spain. With over 30,000 people participating in this event, it is being one of the most popular festivals in the country.

The Prado Museum: Categorized among the greatest museums of the world, the Prado Museum is the place where you can see valuable works of artists like Raphael, Van Dyck, El Greco, Fra Angelico, Bosch, Velazquez, and Rubens. Some of the works you would find here include Bosch’s The Garden of Delights, Velazquez’s Las Meninas, Goya’s Naked Maja and Clothed Maja.

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